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Rising Star Academy's Graduate Profile


Open to Growth

Upon high school graduation, RSA students are expected to be conscious critical thinkers. RSA graduates use their Islamic values and education in making sound decisions in all areas of their lives. Our graduates will possess the academic knowledge and life skills necessary to pursue productive lives and contribute to society in a meaningful manner.

Intellectual Competency Rooted in Islam

RSA graduates have mastered the Arabic language in order to read and understand the wisdom in the Quran. Students will understand and implement core Islamic beliefs of character (integrity, honesty, diligence) and worship found within the Quran. Students leave with a steadfast ability to uphold their religious obligations of prayer, fasting, and remembrance of Allah (SWT). They also strive to emulate the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Upon setting this standard, they have developed a habit of constant reflection of one's actions, and their contribution to their community. They view mistakes as opportunities to grow and experiences that make them wiser in achieving better, long-term outcomes.

Core Areas of Knowledge

In addition to the Islamic education received at RSA, students will have a preliminary mastery of the secular subjects including the physical and social sciences. The elementary level will work as a preparatory stepping stone into middle school and then into our secondary school. Upon arrival at the secondary level, students have chosen from a variety of classes with an emphasis on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum. Each milestone at RSA helps foster the development of our Stars for the next level in their educational journey.

Productive Lives

Upon graduation RSA students should be able to use the experiences and knowledge gained to pose thought-provoking questions when needed, and offer dynamic solutions to challenges. They should feel comfortable carrying themselves as Ambassadors of Islam. In using their strong oratory and written skills, RSA graduates can communicate ideas regarding their faith to non-Muslims. They are confident leaders who tackle difficult situations with an open-mind and heart, constantly seeking to contribute to their global community in a positive manner. Above all, RSA graduates understand that they have just begun to unravel their potential. They are ready to meet their post-secondary experience, first and foremost, with a trust in Allah (SWT) and secondly, a confidence of self.