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RSA Governing Body

Rising Star Academy has a governing body known as “Executive Board of Directors” . The Board members are appointed by the North Hudson Islamic Education Center “NHIEC”. NHIEC selects the board members based on their reputation within the community, leadership skills and their professional background.

The Executive Board of Directors is comprised of community members and family members of Rising Star Academy. It is charged with upholding the mission of the school, which includes setting policies, identifying and securing funding and long range planning. The School Principal serves ex-officio on the board. Decisions are made via consensus through a partnership between the school leadership and the board. Terms are three years, and new members are nominated from the current board membership.

The board meets at least once a month and more often if needed. New members are appointed by current members and generally serve for three years. Board members, all volunteers, are leading financial contributors to Rising Star Academy.

Following are the Board of Directors positions:

1)      Board Chairman:  Dr. Saeed Abbassi

2)      Treasurer:  Rafat Ewais

3)      Secretary:  Suha Siam

4)      School Development:   Anwar Al-Khatib

5)      Director/ Principal:  Dr. Hala Shehadeh


To contact the board members for any suggestion, feedback or concern, you can reach them at