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Principal's Message

In The name of Allah, The Most Glorious, The Most Merciful


Assalamu Alaikum,

Dear RSA Family,

       All praise is due to Allah SWT who gave us our children to be the glowing ornaments of our lives. We ask Allah SWT to make them the comfort, joy and coolness of our eyes in this life and the hereafter. Together, we share the responsibility and the privilege of passing the rich heritage of faith and providing the educational excellence each child deserves to succeed in this life and beyond, inshallah.

       Alhamdulilah, this year Rising Star Academy celebrates its 14 th Anniversary as a growing, quality Islamic Education and College Prep institution. This year was the year that RSA shined as a Leading Academy -- advocating mastery and leadership qualities in our school culture. We believe that leaders are not born, but they are made. Student leadership is what we seek to instill and grow within every student walking into RSA’s building.

       Great achievements are always celebrated at RSA. We commend the enthusiastic and very dedicated staff members who are committed to providing the essential tools that mold our students to be self-confident and proud of their Islamic beliefs and values. We acknowledge the special events and extra-curricular activities that occur and the special guests that visit our school throughout the year and all of the hard work of students, staff and community in making these events possible! The smiling faces of young people entering our school each morning to learn and grow with those around them all demonstrate the positive energy that exists at RSA. With these moments in mind, or the countless others not mentioned, Rising Star Academy clearly is an exciting place for all children to learn and grow in a safe nurturing environment!  

    Students need an audience to showcase their learning and achievements.  Please visit our website for information about various special events.  

       There is much to celebrate at Rising Star Academy and we are proud to be rewarded, daily, by the smiles on our students’ faces!  



Dr. Hala Shehadeh

Principal/ Director