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Welcome to Rising Star Academy, a college-prep private school in New Jersey for students in grades Pre-K through 12. This is a place where bright students and diverse learners receive individual attention in a secure and nurturing environment; a place where students are given the tools and confidence to achieve their personal best.


The Islamic Education Center of North Hudson started in September of 2009 a new full time school to serve the community of North Hudson and its surrounding areas. Rising Star Academy (RSA) is staffed with qualified and experienced veterans in the field of education and pedagogy. 

RSA was founded to provide students of diverse backgrounds with comprehensive educational opportunities by inspiring students to become lifelong learners while pursuing academic excellence in a risk-free environment, conducive to the development of a strong Islamic moral character.

While the school is in a shared facility, school administration and NHIEC directors closely coordinate scheduling for facility use.   The building is in use by the community outside of school hours, with limited availability during the week for special women’s programs.  The facility itself is a hub of activity for our students and their families, many of who are active community members.

Our student population is as eclectic as our community environment.  We serve working-class and professional families.  As with most schools, our students are gifted, special-needs, English as second language learners; we have those who understand a concept quickly and those who need a little more time.  While we do have an acceptance process to assess the student’s level, if we believe RSA is able to secure a safe and nurturing environment for the student to grow, we do not turn that student or family away.  This often means our dedicated staff works overtime to provide the necessary instruction to the students who may not find this academic support or capability at home.  As with most schools, RSA is working to incorporate differentiated instruction for all its learners.  This is why we are working hard to not only improve test scores, but also introduce life-long skills through project-based learning. 

RSA is a growing establishment that we hope will serve our community, enrich our students’ lives and grow to an academic institution that will serve our community for the years to come.


Rising Star Academy continues to grow and evolve, as we embrace technology in the classroom to promote collaboration and meaningful interaction between students and teachers.

We will maintain our safe, bully-free environment while expanding our options for students to ensure they receive a well-rounded educational experience. Already students have the opportunity to participate in a range of athletics, extra-curricular and clubs typically found in a larger school setting. Our expanding facilities and offering combined with our smaller size classrooms enable students to make friendships across age and grade boundaries.