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Core Values

Appetite for Learning in Pursuit of Academic Excellence

RSA strives to instill in its students a passion for seeking knowledge, a drive for achieving goals, and a curiosity for learning.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

A primary goal of RSA is to implant in students not only a strong sense of self worth, but also a pride in one’s background and culture. We seek to provide students with the tools necessary to overcome adversity and live a positive, dignified life with respect for everyone and everything around them.

Responsibility as Community Leaders

RSA is determined to mold our students into responsible, ambitious, and resilient leaders who, with training and support in adhering exemplary public speaking skills, will serve the community as a voice of good.

Acceptance and Appreciation of Diversity

In the diverse world we live in, RSA believes it is essential for our students to gain an understanding and appreciation for multiculturalism, viewing differences as positive attributes, not negative. Establishing and maintaining mutual respect for one another, and accepting people for who they are, RSA believes, will help students lead happy and successful lives.

Islamic Moral Character

Teaching and reinforcing the true meaning of Islam, and demonstrating to students its benevolent and peaceful nature is vital to RSA. By learning the emphasis Islam places on kindness, goodwill, and brotherhood, we believe students will thrive in a world in which a moral and ethical outlook on life is essential.

A Secure and Healthful Social Environment

RSA seeks to provide a comfortable, stimulating, and friendly school environment for students, creating a risk-free atmosphere where students are encouraged to express themselves and establish positive relationships among students and staff.