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Our Philosophy

During the high school  years, Rising Star Academy students move beyond the grammar stage of learning to the logic and rhetoric stages. The High School program is a college-prep program that challenges students intellectually while fostering independence and cultivating critical thinking. The curriculum includes English, history, math, science, and Arabic language courses, supplemented with Islamic and Quranic Studies. Students choose from a variety of electives to help them discover their unique talents and interests.

The goal of the High School is to prepare students academically for college and to assist in their moral and spiritual development. Teachers, coaches, and administrators serve as role models and mentors to our students. Community service projects and field trips help our students transcend self-centeredness and cultivate  well-rounded citizens.. It is our mission as a College-Prep High School to see our students discover their giftedness, their passion, their values, and their faith. To access the program of studies and course descriptions, click below:


RSA High School Program of Studies 2022-2023


Preparing for College .Preparing for Life